The Callaway Golf Canada Learning & Fitting Centres are state-of-the-art facilities designed to help all golfers improve their game. With a custom-fitting session you’ll discover how to get more out of your equipment and lower your score.

Get fit to get better

Whether you’re a new golfer or have been playing for years, everyone can benefit from a custom fitting. Why? Because golf clubs are build to standardized specifications for the “typical” golfer. If you fit the specs, that’s fine. But most people don’t. Every golfer’s body shape, size and golf swing is a bit different. Custom fitting clubs and golf balls to your natural swing and body type will help you play to your full potential.

The fitting process

Our Learning & Fitting Centres combine cutting-edge computerized analysis, high-speed digital photography, and the hands-on expertise of CPGA fitting professionals. The same technology that we use to custom fit our touring professionals is available to you in the ultimate club-fitting session.

Our systems analyze a number of important swing factors to determine the perfect clubs for you including: clubhead speed; ball speed and spin rate; shaft length, flex and type; lie angle; grip size, clubhead design; and set make up.

After your hour-long session, you’ll receive custom-fit specifications for the best clubs for your game. You’ll also receive your personalized swing photo analysis booklet and you’ll be able to review your swing in freeze frame and/or full-motion video online.

Importantly, custom-fit Callaway clubs won’t cost you more or take any longer to build. You can use your fitting specs to place an order with your home club professional or local retailer for delivery within a matter of days.

Preparing for your appointment

The fitting package is available for a $65 fitting fee, with part of the proceeds going to the Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity. Payment is made via our secure online Fitting Centre Booking Tool. We accept Visa and MasterCard only.

Please wear comfortable golf attire and shoes, and bring your Driver and 6-Iron for comparison.
We look forward to helping you get more out of your game.